Oil, H20 Shortages to Fuel Wars?

A few days ago, Michael Klare, writing at TomDispatch, predicted peak oil will set off a new 30 years war as corporations and countries are finally compelled to get serious about developing alternative energy sources. During those decades of competitive melee, a new order of energy winners and losers is likely to emerge just as that earlier 17th century war reshaped Europe.

“Though bloodshed there will be,” Klare’s envisioned energy war is a metaphor about the upcoming battle to determine which technologies eventually rule the marketplace. Those prospects sound downright soothing compared to the news stories that hit my inbox this morning offering additional bellicose predictions – these of an old fashion blood-in-the-streets variety – over an even more essential commodity: water.

Here are are a couple of links:

Wall St. Journal: “Water Wars May Lie Ahead

Aljazeera: “Water Wars: 21St Century Conflicts?


Hat tip: Society of Environmental Journalists